20 years of rewilding, conservation and preservation has shown us the possibilities of wilderness restoration. Natural systems work in their own innate wisdom and need to be allowed to do so, if we reverse some of the damage that humans and land management practices have created. The restoration and protection of our wilderness has offered up an abundance of biodiversity and thriving wildlife as a result.

Throughout this time, we attracted some passionate individuals and gave them the opportunity to settle into the reserve, work on ideas, make discoveries, innovate and sensitively apply solutions.

We formed Getty Asterism as a result, to be a dedicated department, for research opportunities for students, to craft formal scientific projects, for ecological innovations and partnerships and to be the heart of the interrelated areas that thread between land, wildlife and humanity on Zuka Private Game Reserve.



Zuka Private Game Reserve, founded by Tara and Jessica Getty in 2001, is 10,300 hectares of environmentally restored and protected northern Zululand, sharing a boundary with Isimangaliso Wetland Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Zuka Private Game Reserve is the cornerstone property of the Munywana Conservancy and, as a progressive conservation model, our reserve is home to myriad species and vast biodiversity.



Getty Asterism is bringing areas of ecology to front and centre for research and solutions. As a research location, ideas can be crafted in to formal scientific projects with the aim for results to be pier reviewed and published.



Getty Asterism is a group of scientists and free thinking, passionate individuals with fresh perspectives cultivating ideas and forging relationships with established academic and environmental organisations, to share dialogue and formal research.



Getty Asterism is a fully funded free rein space in varied habitats with close proximity to the Indian Ocean. We have dedicated infrastructure and equipment. We invite organisations to engage with us and individuals to join the team to complete their studies or intern. Getty Asterism is a strongly invested space to enable the cultivation of ideas and innovation, that address current ecological and environmental challenges.



Getty Asterism develops solutions as a result of innovation, research and experimenting. Backed with data, we offer these strategies and practices for the betterment of long term conservation, environmental management and land restoration.



Getty Asterism is a platform to create a dynamic archive of high quality research available for engagement, participation and collaboration with academic institutions and environmental organisations beyond Zuka Private Game Reserve.