Here on Zuka Private Game Reserve we are passionate about restoration and our innovations are shared and applied beyond the bounds of our reserve.

Erosion in any landscape can happen naturally and is essentially a wound to an ecosystem. This visibly appears when the vegetative top layer, through over grazing or an imbalance of management practices for example, exposes the next layer beneath – the soil.

Now vulnerable, without protection from sun and UV rays, the photosensitive microorganisms in the soil die, triggering the localised extinction of grass species. This in turn creates a denuded area vulnerable to weather, rains and further fractures in the system that would otherwise be balanced and life sustaining.

To research, create and apply solutions for success we carry out annual reserve management & ecological assessments that include:

  • Soil Conservation & Restoration
  • Vegetation Rehabilitation
  • Alien Plant Management
  • Encroachment Management
  • Ecological Assessments
  • Fire Season Preparation & Prescribed Burning
  • Sustainability & Cultural Preservation
  • Road Infrastructure Maintenance

Successful land restoration also requires strategic and important opportunistic work to help create the solutions so we also carry out:

  • Harvesting of soil microbes from adjacent healthy sites.
  • Organic composting
  • Collecting of grass seeds and tree seeds
  • Building of seed banks
  • Soil chemical analysis
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Rare and endangered plant species surveys
  • Restoration of drainage lines
  • Tree planting
  • Collection of rainfall, wind and humidity data

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