In 2022 Getty Asterism and University of Free State (UFS) initiated a partnership to collaborate on a number of projects.  These projects are either designed by UFS or Getty Asterism and are conducted on Zuka Private Game Reserve by the Getty Asterism team.

This successful relationship accommodates faculty staff and students here on Zuka Private Game Reserve, as well as sharing data and authorship on publications.

The projects are:

Project 1 – Wetland Monitoring
Project 2 – Water Quality Monitoring
Project 5 – Soil & Carbon
Project 6 – Microbiology and Biochemistry
Project 7 – Pharmacology
Project 10 – Fungi Identification


Our objective is to share our ideas and the findings of most of our studies, through in person engagement, invitations to Zuka Private Game Reserve, conferences and publication.

As Project Manager for Getty Asterism, Dr Anne Pandraud is also currently working on two more of her own projects, pertaining to white rhinoceros on the reserve.

Dr Pandraud’s previously published papers are available here

  • Cueing on distant conditions before migrating does not prevent false starts.
  • The movement of African savanna elephants in relation to their environment.
  • Can African elephants use olfactory cues to locate water over large spatial scales?

We invite you to apply for further information on our projects and research by submitting this request form.