I am a French researcher and moved to South Africa where I completed my PhD at the University of Pretoria.  Researching the movement of African savanna elephants in relation to their environment brought me to this incredible part of KwaZulu-Natal and consequently to the position of Project Manager of Getty Asterism.  I design projects and oversee the statistical analysis and publication process.  I am also currently conducting my postdoctoral research on black rhino and white rhino in the greater Munywana Conservancy, of which Zuka Private Game Reserve is a founding member. 

I have always been passionate about research, have a great love for fauna and flora and I want to be a part of this area of science and conservation supporting ecologists, farmers and reserve managers who are passionate about the bush and enthused to do what it takes to protect it!


Euphoria for me is living and working in this beautiful african wilderness as Head Ecologist, of Getty Asterism and Zuka Private Game Reserve since April 2019. I am extremely excited to share this path of environmental restoration with you!

I cover annual vegetation monitoring, conservation planning, ecosystem restoration, prescribed burning, GIS mapping and analysis. I also seek out the unusual geology, archeological treasures, decode and question habitat patterns and bioindicators. I map and observe rare plant species – some of which are yet to be scientifically named!

I completed my initial qualification as a safari guide and over the last 12 years, I have worked and consulted in ecological research and environmental management, in numerous reserves in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and Swaziland while continuing my study in Nature Conservation.

I am utterly infatuated with Mother Nature and passionate about connecting existing closed systems to enlarge wildlife areas and revive these glorious natural systems for the future.


I came to Zuka Private Game Reserve via Africa Foundation’s Yes4Youth programme and from that 1 year placement I was thrilled to be offered permanent employment. I am particularly interested in botany and joining the Getty Asterism team permanently, I really enjoy looking after the plants, particularly the Warburgia seedlings where my knowledge and skills are growing. Getty Asterism is assisting with my further studies in Agricultural Management through University of South Africa (UNISA) and I am excited about the prospect of working at Khula Farm!

Linokuhle Khanyile


I am the newest member of Getty Asterism, joining the team in 2022. I attained a Diploma in Nature Conservation from Nelson Mandela University (NMU) George Campus, and carried out my practical year of study here in KwaZulu Natal. Following my study, I worked as a fishing guide in Zambia and, gained further experience in the Lowveld area of South Africa before joining Getty Asterism.

I now work in both the soil restoration and the vegetation managment projects. I am particularly enjoying the holistic approach of Getty Asterism here on Zuka Private Game Reserve seeing how this shapes and improves the reserve as we implement the updated methods of ecological practices,

Being part of Getty Asterism and immersed in the vast biodiversity of Zuka Private Game Reserve is an incredible opportunity for me, to develop my knowledge in the land restoration space, ahead of completing my BTech degree in Conservation. Being an avid ocean lover and based in this unique location, I am also excited to watch Getty Asterism evolve in to marine conservation!



(March 2021 – October 2023)
BSC Environmental & Biological Sciences (Geology & Geography) Northwest University, South Africa

It was an honour to have been part of the amazing Getty Asterism team from the start and to have had this time to invest in my passion: soils and restoration.

I believe soils tell us the history of planet earth and how the earth has shaped and supported humanity. Soil and microbes are crucial to our existence, and the vast array of life that can be supported by healthy living soil is one of nature’s most important resources to respect, regenerate and conserve.